Beyond 20/20 Vision: Science & Technology Help us See the World

Siskiyou Science Festival became an important Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum-sponsored event in response to the challenges faced by our rural communities.

In May 2018 and 2019, Siskiyou Science Festival involved, engaged, and entertained school children, parents, teachers, community and business leaders, volunteers, and local organizations in a fun study of how science impacts their lives and communities.

Through interactive play and presentations at the schools, evening performances, tours, and an all-day festival, people shared a dynamic learning experience. It was an opportunity to spotlight local experts and collaborators. Attendees commented that it truly felt like a community effort, and that they were amazed at the wide range of scientific expertise in their local area.

Siskiyou Science Festival 2020 is on its way to be even better and more inclusive!

Activities expand community appreciation of resources in their communities, foster cooperation and team-building, spotlight local strengths (including science, business and community leaders), as well as increase the interest in science-related activities and learning.

It is an opportunity to greatly affect understanding of the importance of science in local communities and improve communication across educational and cultural lines.

Join us from May 2 thru 17, 2020!


Be an exhibitor at All-Day Sci-Fest, May 16

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