What is Siskiyou Science Festival?

Created by Siskiyou County’s scientific, cultural, and educational institutions, the 2nd annual Siskiyou Science Festival will take place during the week of May 2 to 17, 2020.

The festival will provide a wide range of free science activities – presentations, school activities, tours, and an all-day event on Saturday, May 16, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in downtown Mt. Shasta.

Our Mission:

Experience the marvels of science in our daily lives


  • Cultivate the next generation of science professionals
  • Nurture an appreciation of science in our daily lives by connecting a community of citizens of all ages, scientists, science organizations, and businesses
  • Foster curiosity and wonder about the world around us
  • Provide opportunities to link art, daily life, creativity, and science in Festival activities
  • Provide practical application of simple science principles
  • Have the Science Festival become an annual celebration of science countywide, by supporting community collaborations for science education


In Summary:

  • Young people will understand that science is fun, exciting and important, encouraging them to pursue careers in science.
  • Parents will feel more confident about supporting their kids’ interests in science.
  • Teachers will have new resources to get students thinking about science outside of the classroom.
  • Businesses and organizations will have an opportunity to communicate the importance of science in their work.